Writer’s Block
Writer’s Block

By Nikki Groom

The pencil moves. Your thoughts flutter. The words come off the page like a movie of the mind. Everything flows. A black page appears. Your thoughts gone. The words disappear. Writer’s block begins. How can you reverse it? You try a break. Nothing. A walk. A game. A movie. People watching. Nothing is working.

             Writer’s block remains as you try to think of something. Days go by. Weeks. Then months. What could you do to remove writer’s block? Maybe a revision set you back? Maybe you need to write. Just write.

            One of the best things a writer can do is to word vomit on a blank page. Sit at your desk, cover the computer screen, and write. Write the first thing that pops into your mind. Weather, kids, pissed off at significant other, school overload. It doesn’t matter; just do it.

            Writer’s block will stay until it is removed, and the most efficient way to remove a block is to knock it down. Start chiseling words into that block. When you get past the feelings through writing, start throwing ideas at it. Get a couple of hats, and ask some friends or family to write a noun and an adjective on a piece a paper. Put those in two separate hats, draw from each and start writing about it. Whether it be a tall coffee, a purple dog, or a flying cup. Just write.



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