World Full of Writing…Sort of
World Full of Writing…Sort of

As writers we are constantly thinking of new stories and poems that we could be writing down. So why aren’t we? We live in a society where we spend a majority of our time updating statuses and tweeting. We are constantly writing about who hates who and political views, as these are prime character and plot ideas. These ideas spew out of us all day long. We can tell a story in 124 characters, but we get writer’s block when staring at a blank word document.

I challenge you as writers to use what you are already writing and use it in your work. Look at the statuses or tweets you have posted in the last day or so. Look at what they say. What story do they tell? Are they creating a character? Is there a plot? Everyone has an opinion and is telling that opinion to the world. We see people in real life posting their lives. As writers our work needs to be realistic and believable. Social media, though through a computer or a cell phone, is still real writing. Look at what is trending, what people are talking about. Could it be a plot point or a motive for a character?

Take what you know and use it to your advantage. Take five minutes after looking at posts and free write. Write anything, character, plot, setting, whatever comes to mind as long as you’re writing. We live in a world where we tell each other everything about our lives through social media. Use real life that you encounter every time you login and write!



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