Hooked on a Feeling

AuthorPaige Hall

DateSpring 2018

Wrath hit him hard, surrounded by four tired walls,

and the thought of September loomed over him—



the tall man turned his head to face the emptiness of the white wall beside


with only a metal bench to separate himself from the cold ground;


he closed his light brown eyes

and pushed his thoughts elsewhere,

       to a moment with a blue-eyed girl,

a time before drunken mistakes turned into nightmares at daybreak,

to life after incarceration—


he saw their future in his mind

and dancing outside of the six-by-eight barrier he was enclosed in,

        he reminisced about the smell of chicken searing in his cast iron pan,

music vibrating from the speaker in the background:



       you’ve got me thirsty for another cup of wine—


that lyric made him lust for a starry night, red wine and desert sands,

or a long morning after a snowstorm

running his fingers across her rosy, frostbitten cheeks,

swaying with her to the silence of falling snowflakes;


he scratched his five o’clock shadow with worn patience

as a tear fell down his face,

feeling whipped into contempt and shame,

       watching the hand of the clock tick the minutes into hours,

       caged like an animal—


hours turned into days

        as he watched the walls neighbor in on him,

wishing they were mountains he could move

if only to see her bright, blue eyes lock with his,

to hold her close, sharing music between their bodies,

tongues dancing to a familiar song they once called theirs