Where Do You Write?
Where Do You Write?

By Nikki Groom

A writer may have many places they prefer to write, or they may only have a few places. I personally prefer to write in the comfort of my own home at three in the morning.

However, when I am stuck, I like to take my computer or a notebook and go to an empty park. Obviously, this will only work during the warm weather months. I find a secluded bench or table and enjoy listening to nature. It helps me stay calm when writing. When my computer dies, I go home and try to finish up my writing. This always helps me when I have writer’s block. The idea of fresh air, whispering wind, and distant giggles from the playground always seems to clear my mind. If it’s winter, I like to go to a local coffee shop, the kind that still sells books and serves real espressos.

These places took me years to find. I tried going to a franchise coffee shop first. That didn’t turn out well. There were too many people coming in and out. I tried a bookstore, but again, there were too many people. It’s best to find secluded areas that can bring you the peace you need to remove the block that’s halted the writing.

Sometimes a bad day just happened, and you can’t go anywhere to help get the writing started. Not to encourage alcohol, but if you find yourself just needing something to help you relax and that’s what helps, I always say, write drunk, edit sober. Don’t do this often; we don’t need any more alcoholic writers. We have enough of those.



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