This is Farewell!
This is Farewell!

By: Kori Marshall


My time on staff for Canvas and Mochila Review has come to an end. As a copyeditor for our magazine, my job also included eight blog posts. At first, I was weary. Eight feels like a lot, like a part time job I signed up for before I really knew what I was getting into… but writing my posts, especially the how-to’s and helpful tips, helped me find my voice as a leader in terms of the writing world. For you too, if you read the tips and knew every bit of the hints I was handing out, I think it’s satisfying to know that you’re well on your way. You’re established… enough, for where you are now. You’re learning and you’re getting there. Largely, that’s what my time on staff has been. Learning, every day, something new. Did you know you can find publishing jobs on Craigslist? Apparently there’s a whole market for it.

Working for our magazine, primarily the Missouri Western campus-wide one, has been eye-opening. Sitting in on editorial discussions, learning what makes a story work, and what other people see in poetry, was an incredible experience. My final piece of advice to you, as I leave this role, and this university, and head into the “real world” is to take these opportunities your school hands you. Working for our literary journal inspired me to not be complacent with just writing in my spare time. Find your passion. Find what you’re good at. There’s a place in the literary world for you as long as you’re willing to work for it. I’m so thankful for my time on staff and while I’m happy to be finished, there are so many things I’ll miss…  most of them taking place in our English department.

Farewell, readers and writers! My final advice:

Enjoy your time as an undergrad and







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