There Is…
There Is…

By: Kori Marshall

…Inspiration in everything.

My desk is cluttered with sticky notes, covered in pastel blues, pinks, and yellows, so many notes that I can’t read very many of them.

Being a writer means being a sponge – absorb everything. Nikki Giovanni and Stephen King, as well as who knows who else, are famous authors who tell writers and aspiring writers that to write is to read and for everything you’re writing you need to be reading double.

I have a board on Pintrest called “The Write Stuff,” filled with novels to read, quotes from Vonnegut, Whitman and Emerson, there are lists with writing tips and “rules”. Tumblr may have writing pages, but I am careful to follow blogs with gorgeous photos and text posts, with words and quotes and snippets of poems to keep me inspired.


The following is a rough sketch of just a few of the bazillion things you can and should seek inspiration in:

  • Indie movies hidden on Netflix: Short Term 12, Little Birds, Weekend, About Scout, Tiny Furniture
  • Spotify and Pandora playlists: My personal tastes veers toward indie music, of course, the lyrics written in most of these songs are gorgeous and soulful. I recommend Dermot Kelly’s “After Rain” or State Champ’s “Clairvoyant,” songs that have a story and beautiful lyrics that make me want to write a novel based upon them
  • Go to lunch alone: sit outside at a café somewhere, go get coffee and sit in the reading nook with a notebook out, spend time alone and alert, watching the people around you
  • Goodwill, Red Racks, thrift stores anywhere: There is history and stories in every set of coffee mugs donated or those three small sweaters in similar color schemes that had to have been donated together. Write a story about the things you find there, write a story about the history you imagine or the future you find in the furniture section
  • READ! I use sticky notes and read with a pen. When reading, if there is ANY line that you read past but find your way back to, rereading it once or twice or three times, write it down. Anything you go back to is something you’re stuck on, whether you identify with it, don’t understand it, or just want to unpack it. A few of my favorites come from White Oleander by Janet Fitch, Kiss Me Judas by Will Christopher Baer, and Love Warps the Mind a Little by John Dufresne. They’re littered all over my room, scribbled into journals, typed and saved on my phone. Tidbits that I trace and remember every day or maybe every other day. These lines are important to you! Keep track of them, let your inspiration come from things others were inspired by.


Attached is a photo of my desk with all of its clutter and mess.

What does yours look like?



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