The Book Smell
The Book Smell

By Nikki Groom

eBooks have taken off in today’s society and left hard copy books in the dust. But can an eBook give you the same experience as an actual in-hand book? I’ll answer that question for you: no. One of the joys of reading an actual book is the smell of it. Sure, you can smell a computer or Kindle, but it won’t give you the satisfaction of that new/old book smell.

The weight of a book gives you a sense of importance. If you read an article online, you’re less likely to pay close attention to it compared to reading an actual book. Holding a book in your hands gives you a sense of gravitas.

eBooks are also hard on the eyes compared to actual books. You can focus longer on reading a hard copy book versus an eBook. It’s also easier to do research with hard copy books, due the simple fact that you can look at more than one book at a time. Having the ability to flip through the pages and relate it to another book immediately instead of web searching through different articles is a lot easier.

It’s much harder to get a deep read when reading electronic books. It’s also hard to connect emotionally to it. Most people read for that reason alone. When people have a hard time connecting to people emotionally, they tend to enjoy a good book. But with an eBook, you can’t run your fingers along the pages, you can’t smell the sweet aroma of printed pages, and you can’t wrap yourself up in a fuzzy blanket and a cup of cocoa and snuggle up to a warm book that moves you to creativity.

Put down the Kindle and go get a book. You have no excuse; libraries are free.



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