Thank You Nikki!!
Thank You Nikki!!

By: Sam Lundy

All of us here at Mochila Review have just had a memorable experience recently. We had the honor and privilege of meeting not only one of my personal literary idols, but a living legend, Nikki Giovanni. Nikki came to Missouri Western State University April 6th for a poetry reading. She not only read some of her amazing work but told amazing and honest stories that seemed to be just what our students needed to hear. Nikki gave us the honor of allowing us to eat dinner with her and listening to her stories about her life was incredible. She talked of hanging out with Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison, about how she hates pineapples and that we all need to start speaking up. Nikki was so inspirational she told the audience that we can’t just ignore what’s going on in our world. As human beings we should all love one another no matter race, sexuality, or religion. We here at Mochila Review would like to thank Nikki Giovanni for this amazing once in a lifetime opportunity that she has given all of us on staff and those who attended her reading at Missouri Western State University. We are so grateful, thank you.



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