Submitting Your Work
Submitting Your Work

By Nikki Groom

One of the perks or downfalls—however you view it—to being a writer is having to submit your work to a vast amount of places. My way may be a dark method of viewing submitting work, but it always helps me get through the process easier. When submitting your work, never think it will get published. Always expect to receive those dreaded words, “We appreciate your submission, but it’s not right for us.” Those words can cut through a writer’s stories before they are even written if a writer lets them. Thinking your writing will never get submitted will allow you to glance at the rejection with an “Eh, I figured” attitude and move on to submitting it somewhere else and continuing to write.

Making yourself immune to the blackhole of rejections every writer will get in the beginning will help you continue to become the best writer you can be. If you fester over the piles of rejection letters, you won’t be able to improve your writing skills because you’ll be stuck on those letters. You need to be able to move on; not every piece of art you write is gold. You may love something you wrote and think it’s the best thing ever written, but no one else shares this opinion with you.

Submitting work that you hate just may be your golden ticket. When writers end up hating their work, it means they have spent the time on it that it deserves. When cleaning your most prized possession, do you wipe it down once and call it good? No, you rub it until you see absolutely no dirt. That’s how you make a story publishable. Grow to hate your stories, and they may be the best damn thing ever written. Submit them, and wait for rejection.



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