Shakespeare: The OG
Shakespeare: The OG

Everyone knows that William Shakespeare is the king of English. Without him some of our most famous and beloved stories may not exist today. Shakespeare not only has inspired stories but he broke the mold on how to write. Shakespeare wrote more than just his famous plays. He was a wordsmith that coined his own version of a sonnet. Shakespeare created his own version of a sonnet that was adopted by many famous poets throughout history. One of the reasons Shakespeare was so great was his versatility. He challenged the ideas of what could be written and he was very smart in the subjects of his writing. As a writer, Shakespeare was constantly writing about topics that were relevant to his time. He always made sure never to offend his queen, Elizabeth I. He wrote about topics that interested his audiences, like fairies and witches. He also knew his audience, he always had at least one character that related to the lower-class citizens and the high-class patrons. Some of these traits can teach us a few things. One, know your audience and what is interesting to them, how can you put your story into their view of the world? Two, don’t be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone. If you are a prose writer try to write some poetry, or experiment with it for brainstorming purposes. If you are a poet. Play with the formatting see if you can discover something great like Shakespeare did. Three, be aware of the world around you. See what is going on in the world you are living in and use it in your writing. Shakespeare has so many qualities and so many things we as developing writers can learn from, he really is the OG of our craft.



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