Releasing Tension
Releasing Tension

By Brenda Martin

Writing is a combination of art and skill which allows me the freedom to express my personal reflections or untamed imagination. Although I do my best to scribble something in my personal journal daily, I manage to jot down my thoughts, feelings and daydreams at least several times weekly. I find this process refreshes my outlook on life and shows me insight into personal struggles that arise. With two part-time jobs, homework deadlines, and financial obligations, I use journaling as an enlightening self-correspondence which calls forward needed answers obscured by distracting anxieties within my subconscious mind. Answers having surfaced, my life direction becomes clearer and a calmness ensues. There are plenty of beautiful journaling apps available, but I prefer a narrow-lined spiral notebook.

 Even when my schedule is full, I try to devote an hour every other day to allowing my creativity to manifest itself through fiction for pleasure. I find that my imagination is best fueled by taking a walk alone while surrounded by nature. After oxygenation, I find a peaceful habitat where the wheels turn freely. Usually, this happens to be in the candle-lit living room or on the shady patio with a cold iced tea. Reading various authors’ works helps keep my mind open to using varied techniques that grab and keep a reader’s my attention. I ordered a book about character presentation which I read during summer break and gleaned what I could from it. In my pursuit of becoming a published fiction writer, I plan to learn all that I can from MWSU’s knowledgeable, caring professors. 



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