Reboot Mania
Reboot Mania

For a while it seemed like there wasn’t a day that we weren’t getting news of a reboot in television or movie. Between all the classic Disney movies, X Files, Girl Meets World, Gilmore Girls, and the newly released Fuller House (who else spent the weekend binge-watching?), it’s like producers are throwing nostalgia in our faces. Of course, there is something similar to this in the publishing world; publishing houses reprint books every now and then with new covers so that the books are not only new to people just discovering them, but so that die-hard fans need the new cover too. Harry Potter is the best example of this. I have seen at least four different covers, not to mention the illustrated version and the box set and, I will admit, I have thought to myself that I need every cover, especially the ones that make Hogwarts from the design on the spine. So publishers are onto something with reprinting; it does make the book new again, but in order for it to be a real reboot like the TV shows, it needs to continue the story. That’s where J.K. Rowling comes in (again). It’s no secret that on July 31, the script to the stage production Harry Potter and the Cursed Child will be released in book form. Now, Rowling was quick to explain that while this is the eighth Harry Potter “book” she is releasing, this new book shouldn’t be described as the eighth Harry Potter book. The script does pick up where the epilogue left off, 19 years later as Harry deals with fatherhood. But regardless, most fans are excited at the prospect of being able to go back to the wizarding world and see how the Potter family and the Weasley family are doing.

So I know I am excited to read this. What about you? Are there any other series you would like to see get a reboot?





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