Qualities of Good vs. Great Writers
Qualities of Good vs. Great Writers

By Nikki Groom

What real writer doesn’t think their writing is shit? If you think you’re a great writer, you probably aren’t. Years of talking to multiple published authors has made that clear. Being too confident in your writing means being too close to it.

If you can criticize your own work, then you can continue to create a better piece of art. Many people get upset in the face of criticism, but authors cannot better their writing if they refuse to accept the criticism gifted to them by those who care to see their art succeed.

Writing is an art, but it is also a skill. Even if you don’t have the art aspect, you can learn the craft. Good writers can only remain good because they are not willing to accept criticism.

A good writer must listen to their peers to become great writers. If someone says, “I love your story, but this doesn’t make sense,” don’t explain it to help it make sense to them. Mark it down, and fix it. Stop acting like your story is the best it could possibly be. All stories can always get better. You must put so much time into a story that you loathe it by the time it’s ready to be submitted to publication.

Hating your art does not make it bad art. It means that you put the necessary time into fixing what needs to be fixed. You wrote the whole story, and now it needs polishing. So, hate your art, curse at your art, put it aside for a while, but never throw it out. Never throw away your legacy because you hate it. Always take the criticism given and fix what needs fixed without throwing your internal temper tantrums, and stop acting like you can’t improve your skills.



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