Procrastination: Part 2
Procrastination: Part 2

Procrastination, the lifelong friend and foe of writers, has been around for as long as the sun has risen and set. In this two-part series we will be exploring why writers procrastinate and how to overcome this obstacle. So without waiting any longer let’s begin…

Part Two: The How

Here are some easy steps to defeat procrastination:

Devote a specific time of each of your days to write. Whether that is in the morning or in the moonlight of the witching hour is up to you, even if it’s just for an hour. If you miss a session make it up the next one.

Turn off any distractions from the outside world, I promise that if you don’t check Twitter for one hour the internet can survive. Turn your phone on silent. This allows you to focus on the work you are doing.

Research! If you are writing you should always do some type of research, whether it’s for content or on the format and style. You may find that missing piece that you needed.

Try a new technique. We often get bored when writing – if this happens, try writing on scratch paper or a notebook instead of typing. Try writing outside or standing up. You will be focused on how the writing looks and how you feel instead of staring at the cursor on the screen.

If an idea seems like it’s too much or too little for you to work with than I suggest brainstorming ideas. This doesn’t have to be the traditional web method we all learned in third grade. Try new ones, like post-it notes with lines that you think of or characters you want to include. Try writing just one scene of dialogue.

Look at your piece from a different angle. Try reading your piece as if you were someone else. Try changing the perspective of the piece by changing it to first person or so on just to get an idea of what needs to be worked on.

Enjoy yourself! This is your creation. You should enjoy it. You are the one who made this text so why not have some fun. Stay positive! You never know what effects this could have on your work.



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