Poetry in the City
Poetry in the City

It’s easy to find art and literature in a big city; theaters, museums, independent bookstores–the list is endless. It can be a little harder to find those kinds of businesses in a small town, but luckily Saint Joseph, Missouri, where we are based, has your creative mind covered. Unplugged, the bar formally known as Café Acoustic, is a live acoustic music venue that offers an open mic night for poetry and prose on the first Thursday of every month. Mary Stone, a faculty member in our English department, hosts the monthly event. If you live in town or ever pass through, come read your work to an audience of literature lovers just like you! Several past and current Mochila Review staff members have read their work, including Nicole Bradley, Taylor McGrath, Crystal Crawford, and Lindsey Lucas. Events like open mic readings are great for writers to be able to hear what people think about their writing and to be able to hear different writing styles.

Do you frequent open mic readings? Hopefully we will see you at the next First Thursday!



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