Episode 26: Who Am I?
Episode 26: Who Am I?

Our favorite co-hosts Zoey Reynolds and Caitlin Dillon are back to discuss a few of their favorite things. Today on The Mochila Chat we talk about the struggle of finding who we are as individuals and as writers. We hear Zamarit Ortiz’s short story, “The End of Ignacio” from our Spring 2017 issue of the Mochila Review. We also hear Bonnie Boats read “Chicago Poet by Carl Sandburg.” Then finally, our traveling co-host, Justin Janorschke, who visits the University of Michigan locates in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We learn about the Helen Zell Writers’ Program and some of the instructors who are here such as Michael Byers, Linda Gregerson, and Eileen Pollack.



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