Episode 16: Politics and Diversity
Episode 16: Politics and Diversity

Our favorite co-hosts Chris Pankiewicz and Cameron Pike are back to discuss a few of their favorite things. They kick it off talking about the politics of the past year and the national conversations of racism and religious intolerance of a positive discussion to a negative discussion. In the times we live in now, literature is a must. They start it off with a poem by Nesha Ruther, “A Love Poem To Ernst Winter,” from our 2017 issue. Then, we hear the poem “A Robot Calls Me On The Day We Take The 10,000th Syrian Refugee Into America” by Tracy May Fuad, from the winter 2016 edition of “Rattle,” read by Darius Griffin. Finally, our traveling correspondent Samantha Bolduc talks about the Louisiana State University’s Masters of Fine Arts and Creative Writing program.



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