Music to Help Your Writing: Finale
Music to Help Your Writing: Finale

By Megan Standley

As we bring this wonderful tale of why music helps writing to a close, I’d like to spend at least this blog to mention more songs from other genres. You wouldn’t expect these songs to help with writing, but they actually do! I’d also like to just talk about how great a combination music and writing really is. So, grab your favorite snack and drink, sit back, and relax as we dive right into it.

First, let’s list songs from the two genres that don’t seem like they would help with writing but really do. Let’s talk about rap.



Rap is a genre I barely listen to, personally, but there are some songs I think are inspirational to write to. It doesn’t have to be a story, either! It could be an essay you have to write for a class, a journal entry, or a poem, but whenever you’re having trouble prevailing over a writing challenge, here are a few rap songs that I listen to when I need motivation.


“Not Afraid” by Eminem

“Not Afraid” is a rap song I listen to most out of Eminem’s music. He talks of taking a stand against the liars and cheaters of this world and rising from the ashes. If you’re not writing an essay, think of the climax in your story where your character is at an all time low. This rap song could make the difference for them.

Don’t be afraid to do what you love doing and expressing it through however way you want to (hopefully by writing). As far as essays go, not always easy to write one. I’m not good at writing academic essays myself. I prefer creative writing over essays any day, but by listening to this song you’ll be motivated to take that stand and not take any balderdash from anyone. If you have to write an essay over a political or world topic then listen to “Not Afraid” and really listen to what he’s saying. It may relate to what you want to write about. Funny how music makes that work.


“Moment 4 Life” by Nicki Minaj

Out of all Nicki Minaj’s songs, I like to think “Moment 4 Life” is her best out of them all. The melody is amazing and the lyrics are admirable. She talks of seizing her moment to make her feel alive and being strong but also realizing that even that she has her moment it’s not going to last.

If, by chance, you have an essay to write about your personal life, this rap would be the most relatable. Everyone wants to have their moment, whatever it is, and they want it for life.


Heavy Metal

Second on the list is heavy metal. Once you get past the screaming, the loud guitars, and the drums and pay attention to the lyrics it could make for great inspiration.


“Welcome Home (Sanitarium)” by Metallica

The song featured in the playlist I created in the last blog seems to be a really weird choice for a song, I know, but if you’re writing a story about a character who gets sent to a psychiatric hospital then this song fits perfectly.

If you’re tired of all the pop, rap, alternative, and hip-hop songs, then heavy metal should be a nice breather. There are only a few songs from the heavy metal genre that I really listen to, but if you’re a heavy metal fan then this choice is for you.


“Rock and Roll All Nite” by KISS

Imagine a story set in college and its main character’s (let’s call her Barb) first year. Barb thinks it’s just going to be a ride in the park until she goes to her first party. If it’s literally her first party (like if her parents kept her sheltered), what song could fit more perfectly than “Rock and Roll All Nite”?

If you want to write the story where Barb dislikes parties, you could have her roommate (let’s call her Stevie) try her best to get Barb to go. Of course, if that’s what you want to do! You could make any college story you’d like.

KISS has other songs worth listening to! Ultimately, it’s all up to you.

Music is such a wonderful thing and so is writing. Put the two together and you could have that essay done or have a great setting and plot for your main character. So, plug in those headphones and delve into the music to help you write.




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