Literature & Broadway
Literature & Broadway

By: Sam Lundy

Broadway musicals have been around for decades, they are one of our one of our culture’s greatest treasures. What many people don’t realize is that some of the greatest Broadway musicals started out as best-selling novels. Musical theatre is much like fiction in that there is always a character that is the protagonist and a complex plot with surprises, so it is only right that great literature is transformed into great literature.

Some famous conversions include: “The Phantom of the Opera,” “The Color Purple,” “Les Miserables,” “Wicked,” “Carrie, “and “Peter Pan” to name a few. These musicals all started out as books. Musical producers saw the potential that these great stories had and decided to make them into beloved theatrical productions. Broadway musicals take more than just the plot and characters and plot them into a script, they take key moments of the plot and characterization and put them to great music and lyrics. These musicals aren’t just plopped onto a stage they are researched and meticulously thought out, much like a fictional work.

Broadway musicals can be another outlet for aspiring writers to explore. Script writing still needs a plot and strong characters. But as done in the past, these plays can be started as humble fictional works. Good stories inspire people, as human beings we love storytelling; it is a practice that has been done since the dawn of time. Theatre is the ultimate story telling. It is appealing to every aspect of storytelling by creating vivid scenery and costumes, beautiful makeup and exquisite music. The lyrics and script cause people to feel more than their everyday worries. Theatre allows the audience to have an outlet to lose track of time and the real-world problems. This is exactly what great literature can do. Good literature allows readers to dive into the French Revolution or the island of Neverland, combining these two outlets will never go away because they are bound by their similarities and the love people have for them.



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