Getting Around Writer’s Block
Getting Around Writer’s Block

By Julie Barber

What’s worse than writer’s block? How about having writer’s block during National Poetry Month? It feels like we’ve got April breathing down our necks, plus the cursor is blinking impatiently, waiting for us to remember what words are. As writers we can all agree that nothing frustrates or puts us so deep down in the dumps more than writer’s block. Sometimes the pages remain blank because we’re uninspired, just not feeling it, or because we straight up don’t know why! But thankfully, there are remedies for the common cold of the literary community. Take a gander at my five favorites below:

Go for a walk

Sometimes you’ve just got to separate yourself from the notebook or computer for a moment and let your brain decompress. A leisurely stroll around the neighborhood or your favorite park can get the blood flowing and, when you return to your writing, you’ll feel refreshed!

Take a shower

I know this method probably sounds odd, but I can personally vouch for it! A hot shower is relaxing in general, but when it comes to a frustrated mind, the hot water soothes and stimulates your scalp, which in turn stimulates blood flow in your brain. I’ve found this to be super effective in washing away my writer’s block!

Write an outline

This is helpful for when you know what you want to write about, but can’t seem to put it in complete sentences. Pull those focus points out of your mind and outline them in a list, bullet points, or whatever you prefer. Seeing small snippets of your idea can help you elaborate more on them!

Change writing tools

Sometimes switching things up helps to get the creative mojo sizzling again. If you normally write with a pen and paper, try the keyboard! I personally prefer writing on my computer, so when I’m feeling stuck, I go for a pen and notepad.

Free write

Sometimes the best way to kick writer’s block to the curb is to stop being your biggest critic. Don’t worry about what you’re writing down. Just let it all pour out and revise it when you’re done. You would be surprised by what you can write when you stop thinking so hard!

Hopefully these writer’s block survival tips will make it easier for you to enjoy and participate in National Poetry Month! Take a walk, take a shower, take a trip to Starbucks if you must, just keep writing y’all.



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