Freewriting with music
Freewriting with music

By Taylor McGrath

If you’re ever looking for a way to rev up your pencil (or pen, or keyboard) again, here’s a freewriting strategy for you:

Go to Pandora, or turn on the music platform of your choice, and set it to shuffle. Try and make sure the probability is high that you will not have heard at least a few of the songs that will play before.

Click play.

Now, let every song that starts spark something inside you. Let it inspire you and grab that as quickly as you can. For the duration of that song – usually somewhere between three and five minutes – don’t stop writing. Carry your inspiration as far as it can go. Cut off as soon as the music stops, and when the new song starts follow the same directions.

Depending on how long your playlist is, you can get dozens of new story ideas that you can come back to later and expand on.

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