Fanfiction Part 1
Fanfiction Part 1

By: Sam Lundy

Fanfiction…so what is it?

Fanfiction is a genre that is often over looked within the writing community. Some people think that it is just a hobby and doesn’t have a place in the literary world. Some people think that fanfiction writers are stealing work that the original authors had put into their work. This could be viewed as a bit invasive, but a good fanfiction is going to pay homage to the original. It is taking the love we as readers have and creating a new world with it, whether you are a Potterhead, a Whovian, or just a lover of great literature, fanfiction is an outlet that lets you be creative.

A fanfiction is taking that original story and drawing inspiration from it. Taking what is well known and creating your own take on the story. Where does it go after that last page? What happens when the characters have met their resolutions? Some readers don’t want the story to be over, which is well understood. There is a vast world of opportunity for fanfiction. It’s taking an original, applying a new perspective, and putting it in the spotlight. Gregory Maguire is a very well-known and published fanfiction author, with books like Wicked and After Alice. These novels are adored because they take a story that readers love and twist it into a new point of view. Writing fanfiction isn’t as easy as just posting a new story that interests you.




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