Creative writing is (as stated in the name) supposed to be creative. But how does a writer know if they are being creative? What is creativity? As writers we sometimes worry that our work isn’t creative enough. Being creative is a struggle for some writers. But as writers we need to look past the surface and look deeper. For example, when looking at a tree, a writer should look past the branches and leaves. Instead look at the bark, the grooves, the ants climbing up the trunk; look at the veins in the leaves. Look past the obvious and see a new perspective, a story not yet told.

Writing stories can be a challenge, but when we take on a new perspective and create something more than surface level ideas, we are doing more for not just your work but for yourself as a writer. Looking at the world through different lenses allows you to see more of how other people live their lives. Your perspective on life may be completely different than the perspective other people have. As a writer you should be looking and experiencing new things so that new ideas can come into your writing.



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