Confessions of a Bibliophile
Confessions of a Bibliophile

By Julie Barber

As a confirmed book addict—or bibliophile according to Google—there are many things I’m guilty of. For starters, I dog-ear my pages . . . Yes, I know I’m a monster. I also have more unread books on my shelves than I actually read, but I’m working on it! Just kidding, I’m going to Barnes & Noble this weekend. Does this sound like you? Well, if you’re not sure, I found a few symptoms of bibliophilia that will help you decide.

You keep a permanent copy and a “loaner” copy of your favorite books.

Do you have any books that you value so dearly you refuse to loan them out? We’ve probably all heard horror stories of beloved books getting returned with coffee stains, water damage, or not getting returned at all! That’s why keeping copies to lend out is the safest way to go.

You’re weirded out by people who don’t read.

How many non-readers do you know? I know maybe two people who don’t like to read, but I’ve concluded that they’re probably orcs or some other unnatural creature.

You love used bookstores.

Barnes & Noble is indisputably the bibliophile mothership, but used bookstores also have an indisputable charm. Not only are the books cheaper; they smell better!

You consider books to be home décor.

Non-readers (orcs in disguise) like to pretty up their shelves and coffee tables with those fake books, but if you’re like me, you have more books in your home than you do pictures.

Having a library like Belle’s is a life goal.

When I first watched Beauty and the Beast, I wanted two things: Belle’s dress and her library. I’ve outgrown my fondness for yellow, but I’m still waiting for my fiancé to give me a gigantic library.

You’re totally OK with spending too much money on books.

Do you feel your wallet cringe when you spend $30 on gas, but feel no pain spending your rent money at Barnes & Noble? Good. Now I know I’m not alone.

So what do you think? Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Don’t fret because there is a cure, and that cure is buying more books.



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