By: Sam Lundy

“Everything will change. The only question is growing up or decaying.” –Nikki Giovanni
We live in an uneasy time right now, as undergraduates we are becoming our own people, discovering who we are and what exactly we want to believe in. We can choose to ignore a cause that doesn’t affect us directly or we can choose what news to watch, whether we believe the same things our parents told us to. We start to question ourselves and our lives as writers we need to be aware of these changes and to start acknowledge that we have a responsibility. A responsibility that forces us to be aware not just for own sakes but for our future readers’ sakes as well. We have to be willing to stand up for the little guy…or girl and say what is right. We have to be aware of issues affecting not just ourselves but those around us. We are the ones who need to document these times for future generations so that they can see how we have evolved. We have to start becoming more of each other and less of ourselves. We need to see other ways of living. We have to start writing. Writing more than just a simple poem about a cat in a window, what kind of world is happening outside of that cat’s world? If we start becoming more self-aware and writing about the current issues around us, the writer’s voice will start to decay and nothing will ever be the same.



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