The Mochila Review Art Intern Janelle Anderson is a senior majoring in graphic design. This is her first semester on staff.


Q: Why did you decide to become part of the staff of the Mochila Review?

I became a part of the staff at Mochila Review and Canvas because it looked to be an amazing opportunity to work with clients, while also not being forced into a more time-committed office setting. I was also excited to work with students who were driven and excited to be creating something of their own.


Q: What does your staff role entail? What duties are you responsible for?

Basically, I create whatever the staff needs that falls within the lines of “art”. Whether that be flyers, comic strips, more flyers…or anything else.


Q: What is one unique thing about you? (A talent/skill, an aspect of your personality, etc.)

I whistle all of the time and I laugh at everything. Both of these qualities get me into trouble.


Q: Who are your favorite authors?

Elyse Fitzpatrick, Jerry Bridges, Steven Kellogg (well I guess I don’t know how good his writing is but I would read all of his books just because I love his illustrations.)


Q: What is your favorite literary magazine?

The Mochila Review!


Q: Any last advice for aspiring authors who wish to submit their work?

Just do it. You will never have the same opportunities as you do in college, so go for it. Like now. Did you submit yet?


Q: Has being part of the Mochila Review staff helped you grow as an artist? In what way?

Being on staff hasn’t affected my art very much but it has definitely broadened my perspective and experience in working with a team of “clients”, if you will. It has been really beneficial to be in a setting where I hear all of the ideas of what the team wants and then I have to problem solve to find the best graphic solution. It has also been nice to hear feedback on a nearly weekly basis.


Q: Who are your favorite artists?

Anyone at Hammer Press, Letter Press + Design Studio, Tad Carpentar, Luba Lukova, Vincent Van Gogh, Kelly Heinz, Jeremy Todd, Kathy Lioa, Steven Kellogg, Jim Dine, I could go on and on.


Q: What is your area of expertise?

Graphic Design, and hopefully by the end of next year: Printmaking.




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