10 Writing Prompts
10 Writing Prompts

By Nikki Groom

Finish the Sentence

1. She gently picked up the fragile ____.

2. He ducked, shocked as the _______ flew over his head.

3. The dog growled at the ____.

 4. “Maybe we could not rob a bank today, maybe we could just _____.”

5. She grabbed the crowbar from her desk, frantically hitting the printer, as she screamed, “____.”

Create this Scene

1. A woman visits her late husband’s grave, and as she does, a hooded figure follows.

2. She lifts her eyes to glance at the attractive woman. She knew she needed to speak to her.

3. A man walks to the bank to get money to pay for his lunch, his family waiting inside the

restaurant. A man walks in as he leaves. On his way back, the police have surrounded the restaurant.

4. The boots glisten from their pedestal. She inches her way toward them. As her hands

reach for them, another pair of hands follow beside hers, grasping the boots at the same time.

5. A girl sits in the police office waiting room. She was called in and is unsure of why.



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